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We have Great News!

Sports Tourism Limited cordially invites you to the upcoming Aviation & Tourism Football Challenge World Series that will take place from 31/10/2018 to 3/11/2018 in Mombasa County, Kenya!

The Theme of the event is “Promoting Sports Tourism”

This is the first time the event is happening in Mombasa, Kenya and Africa!

​​​​​​​This is a platform where Aviation, Tourism, Freight & Logistics professionals as well as other participants from across the world will be meeting to celebrate and share their passion for travel, football, Business & other value attached: team spirit, fun, tourism and cultural experience, sportive competition, fairness and also creating a long lasting friendship and networking besides branding the country and the host city as a Sports Tourist destination through their network. 

​​​​​​​This is a great branding opportunity to network and create relationships and business with global aviation, Tourism, Freight & Logistics, Corporates and organizations both international & local,  Counties, Tourism stakeholders and fans and also strengthen relationships regionally and globally. 

•    Mombasa Sports Club  - Main Activities - Semis & Final Matches, Exhibitions, Kids Corner 
•    Uwanja Wa Mbuzi Stadium - Preliminary Matches
•    Bomu Stadium - Preliminary Matches

Audience & Participants 
•    Teams and Decision makers in Aviation, Tourism, Freight & Logistics as well as other interested corporates and organizations. 
•    Development partners such as Embassies, Associations and Organizations, Counties and
•    National and County Government bodies. 
•    Key private sector and public sector players. 
•    A truly global audience.

​​​​​​​Activities & Attractions
•    Football 7 A-Side Tournament for both Male and Ladies teams 
•    Excellent Accommodation, Sumptuous meals and drinks from partner hotels
•    Premium Branding: Sponsorship & Exhibition  Opportunities 
•    Welcome Dinner for all Teams 
•    Keynote Speeches from industry players during the welcome dinner 
•    Provision of Lunch and drinks during matches 
•    Kids Activities - Bouncing Castles, Facepainting, Magic Shows, Swimming, 
•    Entertainment during matches - Music, Artists & Djs live Performances, Traditional Dancers, Acrobatic Shows 
•    Excursions & Visits 

  •     Fort Jesus & Mombasa Old Town 
  •     Haller Park & Mamba Village 
  •     Full Day Excursion to Wasini Island 

•    CSR Activities 

  •     Campaigns on Sustainable Tourism & Disposal of waste  
  •     Donation of Sporting equipment to local community teams 

•    Unparalled Networking 
•    Farewell Dinner with final Entertainment including a Beach Party! 
•    Themed Awards & Give A ways


- MOMBASA 2018 -

Since this is an International event, it has attracted great interest from Key stakeholders including the National Government, County Governments, Airlines, Tourism sector players and Corporates with most confirming participation. 

We have also partnered with Key Organizations in order to make the event a success including
1. Mombasa County Government
2. Association of Uganda Tour Operators - AUTO
3. Kenya Association of Hotel Keepers & Caterers - KAHC 
4. Kenya Coast Tourist Association - KCTA 
5. South Coast Association of Local Tour Operators - SALTO 
6. South Coast University Students Organization - SCUSO Among Others

Aviation & Tourism Football Challenge  

31st Oct - 3rd Nov 2018